What is an aseptic brick filling machine?

2020-08-15 09:27:34 admin 36

The function of the aseptic brick filling machine is to pack the sterilized food (dairy products, etc.) in an aseptic environment, and seal it in a sterilized container, in order to obtain better results without adding preservatives and without refrigeration. Long shelf life.

Specifically, the aseptic plastic bag filling machine must meet the following requirements:

1. The packaging container and sealing method used must be suitable for aseptic filling, and the sealed container must be able to block the penetration of microorganisms during storage and distribution. At the same time, the packaging container should have physical properties that prevent chemical changes in the product.

2. The surface of the container in contact with the product must be sterilized before filling. The effect of sterilization is related to the degree of contamination of the container surface before sterilization.

3. During the filling process, the product must not be contaminated by external conditions such as any equipment components or the surrounding environment.

4. The sealing must be carried out in the sterilization area to prevent microbial contamination.