Small opening , Hold up a world of aseptic brick packaging

2020-08-15 09:27:34 admin 16

    The small cover actually reflects the continuous extension of Chinese consumers' drinking liquid milk scene and the new requirements for high-value packaging and social attributes other than the food itself.

    This series of caps contain design ingenuity in every aspect, from the size of the bottle mouth diameter to the unique twisting technology to the inclination angle with the lips. The details are finally finalized after repeated trials and demonstrations. The cap must consider not only the convenience of milk storage, but also how to allow consumers to obtain a better user experience.

   According to the market research conducted by Ipsos in 2019, “on the road” has become the third largest drinking scene besides “home” and “work and study places”. And according to the global consumer trend survey, 38% of Chinese consumers will drink or eat food on the road, and 46% of Chinese consumers prefer to use convenient food and beverage packaging. If you further divide the needs and scenes of drinking on the road, you will find that consumers have the purpose of quenching thirst, strengthening nutrition, waking up, and replenishing energy, while drinking occasions are when walking, driving or taking public transportation. .

   Not only that, in the face of a new generation of consumers who love to taste, consumer products such as food and beverages have gradually given birth to new functions of social attributes and individuality. In 2018, Nielsen's "2017 China Consumer Goods Market Interpretation" mentioned that the new generation of consumers pay more attention to emotional demand experience and interactive experience, and standardized products highlight individual characteristics in packaging and consumption scenarios to attract consumers.

   Therefore, the trend of high-end consumption and the new scene of "drinking on the go" promote the upgrading of packaging from the traditional "sipper type" to the "open lid" type.

   It can improve the efficiency of the regional supply chain, shorten the delivery cycle, and provide blessings for the capping factory with the many experiences in operating the packaging material factory.