• Introduction to aseptic brick packaging

    Aseptic brick is a packaging system that uses special cardboard for food as the base material, and is a paper package made of polyethylene, paper, aluminum foil, etc. It is a high-tech food preservation method, which means that the packaged liquid food is sterilized for a short time before packaging, and then under aseptic conditions, that is, the packaging, the packaged material, and the packaging aids are all sterile. Next, a packaging technology for filling and sealing in a sterile environment.

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  • The Quality Status Of China's Dairy Industry

    The dairy industry is the most representative industry for food quality and safety. In recent years, with the rapid development of the world's dairy industry, my country's dairy industry has also entered a period of rapid development. In 2018, China's milk output was 31.768 million tons and the output of dairy products was 26.871 million tons. my country has become one of the world's largest dairy producers. , Milk production accounts for 3.8% of global production.

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  • What is combibloc?

    Combibloc is a sterile packaging, similar to Tetra Pak packaging.

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  • What Are The Materials Of Aseptic Packaging?

      It means that liquid food is filled and packaged in an aseptic environment with aseptic packaging materials after sterilization. This type of packaging can be used for many foods:

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  • The Fierce Competition In The Liquid Aseptic Packaging Market, Domestic Packaging Companies Are Gradually Breaking The Monopoly

    As early as the 1970s, Tetra Pak began to appear in China, and the moment Tetra Pak appeared in 1972, it meant that Tetra Pak had occupied more than 90% of the market share for decades. The beginning of market monopoly.

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